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“When Kenneth Johnson created, wrote, produced and directed his original mini series V in the 1980s it was a groundbreaking phenomenon that became an instant classic drawing in several hundred million viewers worldwide. In all prior “alien invasion” films, the aggressors are clearly evil from the start. V is unique from all the others because V is about a hyper-power that arrives with a friendly smile on its face. The beneficent visitors appear to be human; they come in all ethnicities, and their prime operative, Diana, is breathtakingly beautiful. Part of V’s amazing success is because of its metaphoric, recognizable parallels to human conquests. Past and present day.”



The MIA project, in association with A-List talent, is conceived as a feature film written by Raoul Mongilardi and Xaque Gruber, and shares the true story of the Mongilardi family with the public.  It is also being conceived as a documentary.  The groundbreaking case of Commander Mongilardi will help solve other military forensic cases dating to World War II.